Lutetia Media

  • We are an agency creating bespoke products for businesses and their audiences.

  • Our principle is to provide quality and efficient solutions in the most concise way.


Create strong value

We help businesses get the most of the evolution of technology. We build bespoke products that improve internal businesses workflow and engage businesses audiences. Our products make businesses more efficient and help them generate more revenue.

Keep it simple

The applications we build are easy to understand and easy to use. Technology is used at its best to make interactions feel natural.

How we work

We work together. In an Agile way.

Our way is the Agile way. And it goes far beyond software development. Agile methods help our client take “one small step” and prove the approach, rather than make “one giant leap” and fail. Our skill is to help our client take a series of small steps on the way to realising a more ambitious vision, whilst ensuring that each step is not wasted and takes our client towards their goal.

Experienced specialists from various backgrounds side by side.

Our team combines +20 years of experience in both business and technology (software developers, data scientists, digital strategists, graphic designers, managers).


  • 1. Client needs

    We'll define the project given the client needs identifying clear objectives and priorities.

  • 2. Analysis

    Our teams of seasoned experts will examine the client needs to define the most efficient approach.

  • 3. Solution

    The achievement of our agile process is a final solution readily usable by the client.


We provide software to help you improve your business workflow. We also advise you on your existing processes to guide you towards the best strategy for your business.

We provide solutions written in the most appropriate language for the problem at hand and for your system: Java, C, C++, Python, VBA etc... Examples:

  • Excel libraries
  • Database applications
  • Mathematical optimizations

Data Analysis

Our data analysis reports will give more insight to your business and will help you in your decision taking.

The quantitative reports give you clear unbiaised evidence extracted from the data to bring value to your business.

  • Data insight
  • Data visualization
  • Data analytics

Web & Mobile

Reinforcing your brand experience
Taking your brand online allows you to reach and interact with customers.

Our objective is to add value to your business so all of our technology is clear and simple to understand and based on Open Source technology when possible.

  • Website creation: company, e-commerce, blog
  • Mobile applications on several platforms such as Android & iOS


Creating the future
We help you bring your ideas to life with our bespoke design services.

Our services ranges from simple design projects to complex and custom made ones. Examples:

  • Presentation templates
  • Graphic design
  • Bespoke design